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Review by Jim Marshall - onlinecountryuk

(August 20, 2011)

Review by Jim Marshall onlinecountryuk

I hate to get over-nostalgic, but the days when Frank Jennings Syndicate were topping the bills at most UK festivals, packing clubs wherever they appeared and even had a recording contract with EMI, were the truly golden days of country music in Britain.

In my ignorance, I thought that Frank, like many of his peers, had quietly retired from the scene, but no, suddenly he’s back with a brand new CD and it’s full of the same magic which endeared him to us all those years ago.

He’s wisely selected songs which, in the main, will be remembered by those who flocked to see him at Wembley, Peterborough and the like. (I don’t have to add the word “Festival” to those towns to bring back so many happy memories, do I?)

Stand-out track for me is “Matamoros” - a hit for Billy Walker and written by Kay Arnold who also penned Billy’s “Cross The Brazos at Waco”, but Frank also comes up with fresh-sounding versions of Johnny Cash‘s “Big River”, Bob Ferguson’s huge hit for Porter Wagoner “Carroll County Accident”, Willie Nelson’s “Three Days”, Bill Anderson’s “Walk Out Backwards” and other’s of a similar quality.

The nicely-packaged CD is produced by Frank’s son, Kieran, and is available via Frank’s website

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